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"This matter has been very acrimonious," Hannaford said in an interview outside the courtroom.

IF STEPHEN HARPER is the stiff-lipped conscience of the new Conservatives, Belinda Stronach is their resident rock star.

A united right-wing was in the works of becoming reality after a decade of fractured loyalties, although its leadership race may have lacked for charismatic character, with recently defeated Ontario health minister Tony Clement planning to challenge the guy who was already running the placeholder party, a career policy wonk named Stephen Harper.The first interview Stronach did for the campaign was on the Larry & Willy morning show on Vancouver radio station JACK-FM — the most popular such outlet in Canada at the time — which suggested she was eager to play along with populist political marketing tactics.But she was also not enthusiastic about the idea of self-deprecation, having been twice married and divorced, with two tween kids who could only cringe at hearing that mom was called “pretty hot.” Marijuana laws came up during the interview, which led the Conservative candidate to state her view on how any decriminalization would potentially kill trade with the U.Few ever bought the notion that a 37-year-old woman whose highest-profile political experience consisted of being the face of a Magna-sponsored “If I Were Prime Minister” youth essay contest was ready to become PM herself.Yet, a decade later, the Stronach campaign and subsequent political career is worth a second look for the way it changed Canadian politics — for better and for worse.

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