Who is beck dating

Maybe you don’t want to “settle” for someone, but you feel like your options are shrinking.

Or maybe you have been on plenty of dates, but none of your relationships seem to last. Please go easy on me, I'm just trying something out. *Tori and Jade look at Beck, waiting for an answer*Beck: Yes, I do.*Jade has a mad look on her face*Jade: Whatever. Jade will hurt her very badly if she found out we kissed! Tori: I do, but I guess that since he had a girlfriend, I just hid my feelings. :-)Everything that happened in the Victorious Pilot happened and it's the second day of school, Tuesday.*Tori's at her locker, crying. Tori: Hey *still crying, wiping away tears*Beck: What's wrong? *Walks away**Tori and Beck look at other*Beck: So... *Beck left the closet and tries to find Tori, but he can't so he finishes his classes and leaves school for the day*Tori's house Trina: HEY TORI! I also don't own the song used, Jonas Brothers - Just Friends) 6 years ago in Los Angeles, at Hollywood Arts High School. She regretted not kissing him when she had the chance. ” Tori was disturbed in her thoughts and she looked at André and said, “Huh, what? Tori Vega walked out from the classroom and sighed. Tori had gotten so many new feeling for Beck during the past weeks.

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