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Beach House has always seemed shrouded in mystery, so it’s appropriate that the Baltimore band began the first of two sold-out shows at the Club cloaked in darkness and a fog of smoke machines.Singer Victoria Legrand wore a cloaklike hood that shrouded her face as opener “Levitation” built slowly.Seeing Legrand and her musical partner, guitarist Alex Scally, clearly for the first time, the crowd cheered.Beach House isn’t always the most interesting band to watch onstage, but the no-frills backdrop and light rig gave Monday night’s 90-minute show extra drama.

"No, because certain songs are all about endlessness, and most of our last songs on records - I think every single one of our last songs on records - have ended with fades.And, through Terry’s vinyl seller named Stefan, who just happened to be a friend of Lauren and her fiance, we were given a brief story of how the album Who We Were came to be. This would be our very first listen to the music that the band produced. Each song was filled with our beloved Victoria’s glorious voice and familiar keyboard presses, gentle, precise harmonies and sometimes edgy, sometimes soft bass rhythms from Lauren, and Dirck’s fast paced drum beats and silky guitar strings.Lauren’s fiance, Jeff Guarnieri, had always known that Lauren was really proud of the recordings, so he had the album pressed for her as a present. The songs held a raw, untouched story that allowed you to enter the world of the storyteller.Terry had discovered the band’s name several months earlier and was in the process of obtaining a long sought after and extremely rare copy of their only pressed vinyl album called Who We Were.Over the course of many, emails Terry and I tried to put together the history of Daggerhearts. We learned that Daggerhearts lost Lauren as bassist…but we didn’t know why.

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