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So the bloody twat decides to start his own business selling ONE sheet of A3 art block to desperate kids for bloody 50 cents. So since I have nothing to do, and since the sohai master provides a mud pit for me, I might as well use it lor. Since you think the master is an asshole and a sohai, and you don't like his mudpit, then what the hell are you still doing here? Being students on a damn tight budget, we agreed not to use the air-cond.

Business was going well for this young entrepreneur until one idiotic kid gets pissed off with him. Once upon a time in the far away land of Malaysia, an old farmer lived with his old wife in a small little farm. And its not as if he force you to stay in the mud pit. So this moron starts driving us around in this Kancil (Malaysian car, very small).

She demands that I return all the bloody money to other kids whom I conned. Bloody bitch of a retarded cow then started scolding me telling me what I did was wrong. Ron Atkinson, a pundit for ITV was forced to resign over some "racist" remarks. After the game, he took off his headset and microphone and was talking to somebody in the studio about the game. So its better that he resigns so that football fans don't have to listen to anymore of his jargon. Analysing his quote, he did call Desailly a "fucking lazy thick nigger". A racist remark would sound like "Desailly is a typical fucking lazy thick nigger" in which he would be stereotyping and insulting all black people. They all knew that as long as they produced their milk or laid their eggs, the farmer would keep them alive. Master even had to pay the restaurant money to get them to sell the leftover human food. All I get to eat is a few grains of rice and worms. Which means that much more fuel would be required to power up the car to a given speed compared to when the windows are down.

Apparently, she said, it was not a very nice thing to sell things above the cost price because that would be "not very nice". (But still don't know who you are) Bob : Yeah, bye Vincent. Now, Big Ron, as he is more fondly known, is a damn lovable character, although he is a crap commentator and a horrible pundit. However, the microphone did apparently pick up the following line where he was talking about the Chelsea captain, Marcel Desailly : "He is what is known in some schools as a fucking lazy thick nigger." The broadcast had already gone off the air here in England, but apparently, they continue transmitting it in the Middle East, where a lot of people heard his remarks. And for what he said, as long as there was cursing (ie. But the context of the sentence, he was insulting Desailly alone and not the entire black race. But if she looks like a deformed cow, then don't waste my time. One day, the pig complained : Pig : The master serves me horrible food. Goat and myself, we have to eat the grass by the roadside. In the end, these morons lose more money cause they charge much less for people to ride without air-cond, but pay more for the petrol consumption at the end of the day.

Fucking hell, not only was she a shit teacher, she was also a shit business person. He is trying to come up with some small talk jargon. Just can't bloody figure out where I saw him before) Friend comes to pay me the protection fee. Another case was in 1995 when Eric Cantona got red carded. Fine, its not their fault that they didn't learn about geeky aerodynamic shits.

Unfortunately, these same morons have probably never read a story book in their life because they obviously didn't know that all story books have a sypnosis on the back cover. All that needs to be done is to visit the school library, and copy the sypnosis at the back of the book.When I told the bloody bitch that I didn't have enough money on me, since she demanded that I pay back all the kids for all the previous Art Blocks that I sold to them, she called up my mum. I used the money from the sale of the sponges to buy the art blocks, and used the profits from there to buy some more. Cycled my ass to the stationary shop and everything. I was happily chomping down my burnt hamburger and a very very burnt chicken drumstick when suddenly, I got swamped by three irritating insects intent on eating me alive. The fly started by hoovering around my nice Manyoo jersey. And this guy is definately not my coursemate, who the fuck is he? ) Bob : bla bla bla teh yhejage eanea e gaeng asaaqwhpt eaf neaje. This would normally result in a jail term for assault. Surely then, you would be able to compare which of the methods would be more economical?Bitch ass starts talking to my mother complaining to her about me conning the little kids. Like all flies, it was barfing out its digestive fluids all over me. I kept swatting it away, but it kept coming back and only aimed for the jersey. But his appeal was successful and he got away with community service because of what the fan said - "a racist remark which incensed Cantona." Pardon me! But then again, we have already established that this planet is infested with morons. Most of us have to face writting a bunch of gibberish at some point in our lives.But then again...said..........aren't blogs pretty much the same as events reports...??

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