Taylor kitsch and connie britton dating

It was called and aired for 8 episodes during the fall of 1993.

Ben Affleck, Denise Richards, and Michael Cudlitz all starred on the series.

The Friday Night Lights crew coming out to support Taylor’s event last night.

The show struggled to stay on the air for two seasons before NBC decided to strike a deal with Direct TV that allowed the cable provider to air fresh new episodes of the series before NBC would air them later in the year.

However, Jesse Plemons was 18 and Aimee Teegarden was only 17 when the series began.

Much of Britton’s role was cut from the final version of the movie so she was adamant to star in the series.

The producers assured her that she would get a beefier storyline and they were right!

Berg originally wanted country singer Dwight Yoakam in the role, but he wanted more money than the network was willing to offer him.

Chandler showed up to audition riding a motorcycle and hung over from playing poker with his friends.

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