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The spectrum of eye colors, from brown, to green, to blue, and shades in between, reflects the amount of melanin in the iris of the eyes - blue eyes having the least amount.The melanin content of your eyes depends on the version of the eye color genes you inherited from your ancestors.Several sites offer these graphics free, allowing you to enhance everything from family tree charts to presentations and slideshows for your next family reunion.The following websites offer free family crests and coats of arms, as well as information on lineages and heraldry.Some of these are free to view; others are free to download and use.The Armorial Register - International Register of Arms offers a wealth of information about heraldry.This means you would need two copies each of the mutated HERC2 and OCA2 genes, one from each parent, to have blue eyes.However, blue eye color is a not a simple single gene recessive inheritance because eye color genetics is more complex.

Understanding the complex genetics of eye color can help you as you research your family's blue-eyed ancestry.

Make use of all genealogy tools to compile and verify your information.

With a little research and the right resources, you can find a free coat of arms to add dimension to your genealogy work.

Commercial companies that do DNA testing include 23and Me, Family Tree DNA, and

Other online resources can help you further understand and supplement your DNA test results and ancestral groupings, including: The genetics of blue eyes is complicated but ongoing studies might give you further insights into your genealogy research of your blue-eyed ancestry.

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