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What do they have to do with a prophecy that transcends Heaven and earth? yogscast/captainsparklez)An alternate telling of So I. Xephos and Honeydew get separated after the crash of the Celaeno. Will Xephos be able to live up to his word and do what Honeydew wants... Not knowing where he is, Dark is actually on a server secretly only for You Tube celebrities.

Join Karen and Darcy in a Minecraft Tekkit/FTB World which is more confusing then before. Now its up to the Yogscast and several young heros to save Minecraftia.

Veronica needs a boyfriend for the holidays, and she's never been above a little lying to make her life easier.

JD has a crush on one of the most popular girls in school, and now he's agreed to pretend to be her boyfriend to save her from her relatives.

Veronica's retreat to her hometown to rebuild her life is interrupted when the past draws her and the heirs of Bud Dean into a dangerous web of lies and criminals, including some that have reason to want revenge against his son.

Things in Sherwood, Ohio seem to have settled down for JD, Veronica, and Heather Chandler.

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When life manages to be both a roller coaster and a teacup ride simultaneously. Honeyphos fan-fiction: Xephos (Lewis) wants to show Honeydew (Simon) how much he means to him so he says he will do 'anything Honeydew wants'. After waking up in a stone plains area, he tries to remember what happened. Will Livid Coffee and friends help Xephos to realize what Honeydew wants him to say, and what Xephos himself really wants?(Post So I Fic) Xephos and Honeydew failed to save Minecraftia from Israphel. With the two apart from each other and Israphel's corrupting influence on Xephos' sanity, will the two ever complete the task of destroying the Dark Lord? On the way, he will meet different people good and bad. When Starkias wakes up on a beach, she doesn't know that there just happens to be some strange people here. Rivalries edge, swords clash, and pasts are revisited. Everything seemed over for Xephos, right at the very end. The War of the Sands is over and everything has returned to normal.The sand, the sentinels, and everything that our heroes tried so hard to stop has become a reality. Rated T for language, violence, blood, alcohol, and all that good stuff. War will soon strike, and the server might break apart. Along the way, she meets many people and finds that she may be the most important of them all. Honeydew needed to pull him out of his fear and doubt, even if he had to drag him through the Nether. Until our favorite white-eyed friend Herobrine stirs some mayham.

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