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That was around the same time we started the Go-Go’s.

Caps: The punk rock scene seemed to be often misunderstood by those outside of it (i.e, the punk rock episode of “Quincy”).

I vacillate between being a very positive hopeful person and an utterly depressed person, so I appreciate music that makes you feel good!

Jane: At physical therapy today, they told me I may NEVER recover full use of my leg. Right now I’d be thrilled just to be able to walk normally, let alone PERFORM!

“We were exposed to different kinds of things but our father bought us 78s of Elvis – Hound Dog, Don’t Be Cruel – and Little Richard, and the radio we were listening to was just the AM radio at the time.“Since then I’ve really gotten a love of classic music, jazz but at that time…’.” “There were also songs on there, quite a few,” adds Ron, “that we’d never done live before and we wanted them to be pretty true to the originals.We didn’t want to do it in a jukebox kind of a way but we didn’t want to modernise the songs either.” “It was a big deal,” says Russell, “and it took its toll.” Not, though, on Russell’s extraordinary falsetto.What movies or TV shows do you feel have the most accurate depiction of the punk rock Jane: I was having a long-distance relationship with Terry Hall of The Specials. Jane: I was a huge fan of Sparks and madly in love with Russell Mael when I was in high school. Caps: Something that’s gained popularity on the Internet in recent years is the literal video, where classic music videos are made fun of because of the disparity between the images and the lyrics.He was engaged to another woman, but claimed to be in love with me. When the Go-Go’s got famous, we contacted them and I got the opportunity to work with them. Do you worry that Jane: No, I really thought it would be neat to write music that inspired and uplifted people.

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