Rejection in the dating world

Rejection only damages your self-esteem if you allow it to.

To quote a wise man: “Pain don’t hurt.” to reframe the situation.

Maybe he or she has a tendency to cancel plans and always gives you a reason why, but never one you want to fully accept as truth. It's not that you don't want to be rejected; you don't want to rejected. I say tell him to go f*ck himself, and give someone else a shot at being your life partner.

We fool ourselves into believing that someone cares when in fact this person doesn't.

One of the biggest fears that a lot of men and women have when it comes to the dating scene is the fear getting rejected.

You can let it destroy you or you can decide that it’s not a big deal.

When you’re getting rejected often, it’s possible to see it as a judgement on who you are as a person and begin to take on the attitude that everybody rejects you.

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