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As some people already compared it to Emperess Ki... But this drama was far better (more interesting) than Emperess Ki, second one was interesting till the 20th ep or so and after that it became somehow boring, empty, too long. It could have the part two series for all those parts that we had to guess. This is response to Rainbow who wanted to know the song title - posted in 8/14. I had hardly boiled eggs before, but now I have been boiling eggs these days :) That young Queen's kind heart, patience and honesty are righteous. I really like SBH rather than Empress Ki (these 2 on air in same period). i hate her face this the first time i didn't finish a korean drama ... I love this movie is the best movie among the movies I have watch I cried a lot how I wish I can meet seolnan one on one his good the story really touched me I didn't only watch the movie but I learn something from it Anyway so far so good u guy should keep it up This was by far my favorite Korean Drama!!!

While this one was able to keep my interest till the very end. The song title: Jeong Eup Sa (정읍사) It is the only surviving song from the Baekche Dynasty (BC 18 - AD660). v=0WDnf POq-Qg Very interesting drama but you should have allow us see the Real Su Beak Hyang with Queen's attire and lets us see Prince Jinmu and Solhi get married and live a better life after their repentation. I didn't understand why most of people fall in love with Empress Ki because I think Empress Ki has more focus on love, love and love between H &h instead of other parts like political or sth.) But for SBH, it contains all of genre; drama, comedy, political, family, romantic, war, spy, sadness. - I am planning on writing MBC and the writer to ask them to please continue the story.

Yet, the story and the acting kept me watching to the last episode. I know nothing about Korean or Asian food and am not an adventurer or outdoors person so I do not recognize it as a food source.

A warm ,brigh,shining,wonderful drama about soul and tricks of soul . Aside from that it's my second but not last time watching this wonderful drama.

Scenes between Seol-Nan and Myung Nong were funny, sweet and sad at the same time. Probably the best Korean historical drama since Jumong. Such a WONDEFUL epic love story (",) Although it was quite tiring to watch because some unimportant scenes were over stretch and some unnecessary part should have been edited plus the too many flash back scenes, it was PERFECT !!! What is the root that they are eating, especially the last episode?

Koo-Chun's love for Chae-Hwa was also very tender and heartfelt. Downsides: more attention needed to props/costumes and locations, little focus on historical background - I started to watch this in order to learn more about Baekje, but didn't get much really. The cast were ALL fabulous and brilliant specially Myung Se-Bin, Yoon Tae-Young, Jo Hyun-Jae, and Jeon Tae-Soo. Looks like a tree branch but throughout the show they are chewing on this type of branch.

How can you compare Ha Ji Won's acting to Seo Hyun Jin or Seo Woo??!!

Fortunately Empress Ki is more more popular so there is nothing to say!

It was well cast with some veteran sageuk actors and newcomers to the genre.It has great acting, great pacing, great writing, great chemistry between actors and great costumes.Even though King's Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang did not have the most ravish sets nor a high budget-it was able to do more than most fancy sageuks have done in the past.Really have to give props again to all connected with it including director, producers, every peripheral person involved in the production and so very much to ALL the actors and actresses.I've seen dozens of KDramas the last two years and this is truly one of the best.

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