Good dating resturants

Gauri thinks Om is silent and me too, I made a record.

He says then why shall I talk, nothing, I think bhajan is fine.

Gauri says tell me what color of decorations to do, we are groom’s side and it will be by our choice. Shivaye messages Anika and asks what color she likes.

Om says none said jagrata is happenings, its marriage. Gauri says I know about colors too, I made Lord’s clothes and idols.

She thinks he is asking as if he has fed me parathas at home. He says okay, I will stop the car, I m tired of driving.

Shivaye says Dadi you are so sweet, you want your masterchef Billu to win.

Om says you said you are not hungry, will you have all this alone.

They hear news on radio about some ghost near Shiv Parvati temple.

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He says stewed vegetable ratatouille with baked up cappucino asparagus and pesto sauce.

Om asks the man to double order, as we are not hungry.

She says I don’t believe, but they are saying, my aunt used to say Chudails exists.

Dadi asks can’t you see even now, we reap what we sow, Anika has sown love and reaped love, you have sown hatred and reaped hatred, Anika didn’t snatch Billu, you lost your son, you never valued Anika, at least value your son, but you couldn’t do that, so no one values you.

Pinky says Anika wanted this, she got my son and then entire family.

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