Emily maynard who is she dating now

Her husband has a fairly common name that is easily mistaken for a different Tyler Johnson who's a professional basketball player for the Miami Heat. Emily Maynard's husband may not have a career as glamorous as that of a basketball star, but he seems to be doing alright for himself.Johnson appears to be a mostly private guy, with a minimal social media presence that's not terribly active.alumna Emily Maynard: She's due with baby number four, according to her Instagram account.Her family is over the moon, especially her husband.Given how demanding Johnson's job might be, here's hoping he's got a sweet parental leave package, because he's about to be a dad to three kids under 3, and his wife could use all the help she can get.alum, who looked for love twice on ABC's reality competition, is engaged to marry boyfriend Tyler Johnson, she confirms to Us Weekly exclusively.

Maynard, who was 18 at the time, found out she was pregnant with his child after she heard of the crash. A post shared by Marsha Steeves Destination (@msdweddings) on She married Tyler Johnson in 2014 with Ricki by her side.But with three children and a fourth one on the way, we’re sure he must be doing very well financially!Maynard to have found her prince charming in Tyler, and she is all praises for him.It was a sweet, quick read with some interesting @bachelorabc / @bacheloretteabc insight for #Bachelor Nation fans ????A post shared by Ali Salter (@alisalter_) on Emily Maynard’s husband is very private, making details about his personal life a little hard to find.

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