Dating a capricorn male

Compliments are not accepted easily by the Capricorn male. The woman should persevere and let the man know her compliments are, indeed, sincere and heartfelt.He will especially respond to compliments of his appearance, career and intelligence. The Capricorn male is a traditionalist who believes in a strong work-ethic and acting in a socially-acceptable manner.In both cases, however, whether older or younger, the woman will have a mature outlook on life and career and not act in a frivolous manner.

It is a struggle to connect emotionally with a Capricorn male. Once he does, however, you will find him to share his emotions with you more than is normal and be an exceptionally loving and loyal individual. He will like books, jewelry, financial instruments.As with other highly intellectual signs the price paid for his mental firepower is a relative lack of emotion and a very low tolerance for boredom.He thinks too much, and feels too little, which has some consequences in many aspects of his life.Add this to his light and inquisitive personality and he has a lot of sex appeal.He is very friendly and communicative by nature, and this can sometimes be seen as flirtatious.

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