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It comes with many exciting features; you can enjoy when you register and be a member of this global family.With Wander, you can say goodbye to posting on other social networks and waiting for people to comment, give feedback or like your post. Now you can chat and interact with strangers and other people outside your social circle.As you can be a leader by creating a channel, you can also be a follower by joining a channel created by someone else.Join a channel that you have interest in and chat with people of like minds, chat about interesting topics and learn from each other. Share More About Yourself –Do you want to share more about yourself or stay anonymous?Every day, the site sends users six matches based on compatibility, but it leaves much of the matching up to the user.

If you like fashion and you want to know the latest trends, Wander has made this easy for you.Meet people in the same channel with you and chat as much as you want.You can discuss just about anything, whether you want to chat about Travel, Fashion, Events, Sports, or any other things you like to chat about.Build a community of strangers with like minds, chat and interact together and share knowledge and thoughts.You can create a travel channel so that other people that like to travel as well can join your channel.

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